Biomedical Consultation

Consultancy is a complex and long-term process whereby we have to understand in-depth about your business and issue. We assist you to plan, execute, and being accredited in Biomedical Equipment Management. Multiple divisions being covered by us to ease up our customer's needs. 

New Hospital Equipment Planning, Hospital Set-up, Biomedical Services and Management, Medical Gas Pipeline System, MSQH Consultations (BEMS).

Facilities & Maintenance

Facilities & Maintenance Services

In a global economy where budgets are carefully crafted and expenses closely monitored, our clients depend on us to provide total maintenance services projects of any scale that align with their business goals and our professional commitment to excellence and safety.

Your customers’ first impressions are invaluable. That’s why it’s important to protect your reputation and appearance with a regular facility maintenance schedule.

When you partner with MNE Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd for your maintenance needs, our dedicated service professionals will sit down with you to establish your financial, appearance and frequency of service goals in order to design the maintenance schedule that’s right for your healthcare business. As part of our commitment to quality assurance, we will also establish an emergency service plan to handle any and all eventualities that fall outside of your regularly scheduled service engagements, so you can rest assured that your location is always covered.

Regular Preventive Maintenance Options:

  • Water tanks and pipeline repair/maintenance/modification.
  • Lighting System Maintenance of Bulbs, Ballasts and more.
  • Ceiling Tile Replacements.
  • Electrical System Check-Ups and Circuit Maintenance/Upgrades.
  • Flooring, Carpet, Tile and Wall Maintenance and Repair.
  • Painting Projects, Large and Small.
  • Automatic Door/Shutter/Sliding Door repair.
  • Air-Conditioning Services (AHU/FCU/Chiller/Cooling Tower/Air Curtain/Wall Mounted/Ceiling Cassette/Condenser Unit).
  • Other Services Available Based on Appraisal.

Lift Operations

  • To manage and make sure that trained and experienced Lift operators are available for the day to day lift operations.
  • To manage the attendance and grooming of the contract lift operators and train them for the customers’ requirements
  • To ensure cleanliness and maintenance of the Lift.


This service will ensure protection to people and property within the facility complex, by identifying possible areas of weakness, intrusion and entry and exit points into and out of the facility and implementing a security solution that address and alleviates these issues. This service seeks to exude a proactive atmosphere of protection to all within the facility.

Fire and Safety Management

This service will encompass identification of fire hazard and provide solutions to the same to ensure Fire Safety and Prevention in accordance with the requirements of statutory regulation either local / international. This service will ensure that facility is adequately equipped to face any and all emergencies.

Linen Management

MNE will coordinate with the user departments and the launderers to manage the entire linen and make sure that the cleaning of the linen is as per international standers. MNES will suggest the management for the procurement and rejection of Linen as per the norms and requirements.

Ground Management

MNES will ensure beautification & maintenance of all the lawn areas, gardens, water body and surroundings within a facility complex. Beautifying the gardens by adding plants and developing the lawn areas will be the responsibility of MNES including the responsibility of trimming the plants and watering and fertilizing them as per schedule.

Pest control

Pest Control Services will ensure the facility to be free from pests, insects, rodents and provide an odor free atmosphere within the facility and the adjoining common areas within the facility complex. This will be achieved by means of implementing tested and proven Pest Control Solutions in a planned and periodic manner in drains, safety tanks, sewerage pipes, water pipes, bath room pans, urinal pans, commodes, the adjoining common areas within the facility. Pest control will exclude Termite control but can be taken up as additional service.


We provide effective and efficient management of the cleaning services for cleaning the hospital areas in accordance with agreed Schedule. We take the responsibility of providing a clean, safe and an aesthetic environment for the visitors and staff. Our responsibilities will include, sweeps, mops, wet washes of the floors, vacuums, spot cleaning the area as per a schedule, cleaning top of windows, door frames, furniture and all fixtures of the facility. The House Keeping Services proposed will ensure a Healthy, Hygienic, Clean and an Aesthetically Pleasing Environment in the facility and the adjoining common areas within the Facility compound. This will be achieved by implementing a mutually agreed program of cleaning services which will include but not be limited to sweeps, mops, and wet washes of the floors, vacuums, spot cleaning, and cleaning top of windows, door frames, furniture and fixtures.
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